Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spectral Blog Tour: Guest Post on Where the Author Got the Inspiration for the Love Triangle

Where did you get the inspiration for the love triangle?

As far as love triangles go, I think they are hard to do, to be honest. I really wanted to make sure Jewel didn’t come across as fickle or taking advantage of two guys. So I was inspired to write a love triangle with that in mind. I think most girls can like more than one guy at a time when they’re young and dating and trying to figure things out. That’s totally normal. So, firstly, I wanted the love triangle to be realistic of course. But I also wanted Jewel to have good reasons for questioning how she’s feeling—not only about her life in general—but about the boys. She questions who she can trust and if she can follow her heart, or if it is leading her astray. Writing it a different way where the girl is going with different guys for pure fun would be cool too and realistic, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not what I saw Jewel doing. To make it simple, my inspiration was to give Jewel good reasons… to kiss two boys. J

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